The Covid Cobra

During the Coronavirus lockdown, Wollaston decided to create a long 'snake' of stones decorated by the village children.  This was situated by the Scott Bader wall in Irchester Road.  Sadly, the original stones were stolen, as were a second collection.

The first Covid Cobra was started on 27th May 2020 and had 104 stones when it disappeared overnight after only 10 days.  The second one was started on 8th June and had approximately 15 stones - this one was gone by early morning of 9th June.

A third attempt to create a snake was located in the Pocket Park (which is secured overnight).  This one remained safe and has now been re-located to the Museum gardens, where it continues to grow.  It will eventually be cemented in place as a permanent reminder of the unprecedented times of 2020.

Stones may be added by bringing them to the Museum on Wednesday or Sunday afternoons during the summer holidays, or by placing them in the collection box at 110 High Street (in the Museum courtyard).
The original Cobra
The (short lived) second Cobra
The new Cobra
The third Cobra mid-July. 52 stones